Crested Butte Dining

Crested Butte Restaurants

Truly a small ski town, with just over 1,000 year-round residents, Crested Butte cannot boast 100-plus restaurants like the Vail’s and Aspen’s of Colorado, but Crested Butte restaurants can offer something else. Crested Butte attracts a certain kind of ski vacationer; someone who is willing to travel off the beaten path.

Crested Butte restaurants are as eclectic as its residents; it’s easy to find spicy food, vegetarian options, seasonal and locally sourced produce, meat, fish and wild game. Foodies will delight in Crested Butte’s gourmet dining options, like fresh, artisanal Italian and tasty tapas. And those with more classic palates, the pizza, Mexican and pub food options are plain, simple perfection.

Downtown Crested Butte Dining

A Crested Butte ski vacation doesn’t count unless you eat at The Secret Stash at least once. Originally housed in a funky, bohemian house witha  renovated attic at the end of Elk Ave, the "Stash" recently moved to a larger space further up the street to accommodate the throngs of people that want to gnosh on their heavenly pies. Before the move, guest would often have lengthy waits for a table. But it was always worth it. The pizza is absolutely incredible. Perhaps the owner and executive chefs interesting background  in both classic New York style pizza and gourmet cooking is the reason for The Secret Stash staggering success, but as the name implies, it’s a secret. 

django’s Restaurant and Wine Bar, located at the base of Mt. Crested Butte, is another Crested Butte notable. The menu items all have two things in common, they’re seasonal and they’re served “tapas style” or small plates. The menu generally has 25 different tapas selections, making django a perfect option for larger groups and families, or those looking for a varied meal.

Bacchanale is one of Crested Butte’s newest restaurants, and owned by the same fine people who created django. Bacchanale is located on Elk Avenue, and offers artisanal Italian fare fit for foodies. The menu has very grounded Italian roots, but also modern flares that make it a unique dining experience.

Crested Butte On-Mountain Restaurants

for an unforgettable on-mountain lunch, head to Uley’s Cabin at the base of Twister Lift. The menu features gourmet Colorado cuisine, like elk bourguignon and forest mushroom bisque. The Ice Bar also makes for a great place to have an afternoon après-ski beverage, as they feature handcrafted specialty cocktails. You can also make dinner reservations for a snowcat-drawn sleigh ride to Uley’s Cabin.

On a cold day on the slopes warm up with Paradise Warming Hut’s tasty homemade soup or chili, located at the base of the Paradise Lift.